Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Portland: Land of Many Pleasures

I adore Portland.

I have never had a bad visit when I venture south on I-5. I decided to spontaneously go to PDX on Sunday for a day trip. I planned to go see Mandy Greer's exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Craft, but it was closed on Sundays! But I decided to go anyway, because I am never disappointed when I spend time there.

The drive down was brilliant. It was a sunny, warm morning, and there was no traffic on an early Sunday morning. I visited the Waldorf-inspired store Gossamer, which had some incredible large scale needle felted wall art for sale. I bought some cotton candy pink wool roving, a new needlefelting pad, and a small square of felt to experiment with.

Then I just enjoyed the warm, sunny day exploring shops and neighborhoods alone, and then with some friends I met up with. I love not having a "plan," because there is always something delightful just around the corner!

Two shops I adored during my visit:

Artemesia, an enchanting shop full of plants, succulents, fruit trees and magical terrariums
Noun, a lovely shop full of pretty art and home decor.

I also tried the cupcakes at Saint Cupcake, and loved the Toffee Cupcake. It was the perfect treat for a perfect day!

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