Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Felted Rocks

I somehow felt like an incomplete fiber artists since I had not ever felted a rock.

So last night, I was inspired to felt some rocks using some icelandic wool fiber I have in my fiber stash. I gathered the rocks from outside my house, so they were all kind of uneven and more rounded.  I can see the potential if I had used smooth even rocks from the beach or a river.

I'm really into cairns and stacks of stones, so the smooth rocks, or rocks with more of a flat surface would be helpful for that.  A cairn of felted stones would be awesome indeed.  The process of felting a rock is simple enough, now I just need to get to the beach and gather some smooth stones!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tiny Needle Felted Barn Owl

I started felting animals when I was first learning to needle felt about 5 years ago.  But I never made an owl.

I had also never seen an owl in "real life."  I had been a birder for over 10 years and not once seen an owl.   I always heard owls in the night calling to each other while I was laying in my tent while camping.
But last month, an owl just "fell" out of a tree right in front of me at the park.  And then I realized I was surrounded by three barred owls...lucky me!  They are very cool animals to observe.  They remind me of cats with wings.

Well, I decided to try and needle felt a barn owl.

I think he is kinda cute. I gave this one to a friend, but I think I will make several more this week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just Posted: My All Time Favorite Classic Crocheted Cowl Neckwarmer

This is my one of my go-to, my favorite cowl styles.

I just adore creating with and wearing this 100% undyed Peruvian wool yarn.

I'm pretty convinced you will love it too.

Handmade 100% undyed wool cowl neckwarmer scarf. $98 at Queen Heron Creations on Etsy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Chunky Crocheted Cowl Neckwarmers

Big News: I just reopened my Etsy shop for the winter.

I am excited to connect with customers and create my best work for you.

I live in a nice large space, and I have had time to de-stash and get organized since the move.  It always feels so good to get organized.

This season the majority of my work will be natural fibers and neutral colors.
I will continue with 100% wool, and just a few wool blends.
Alpaca cowls will be a big part of the shop as well, since alpaca fiber is so deliciously soft!

Just listed at my Etsy shop.