Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New! Vegan Friendly Cowl Neckwarmers

If you are vegan or have a sensitivity to wool, there is a cowl neck warmer for you!
I just posted a cowl neck warmer in my Etsy shop called "graylights." The name is inspired by young people who dye their hair with gray highlights.

This cowl is 100% acrylic, and just as fun and chunky as all the others. You can look at it here. Check back for more colors soon!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dark Forest Cowl Neckwarmer

So totally can order one here!

Keep it for myself

I love when I make a cowl and want to sell it, but then kinda fall in love it and want to keep it for myself. Like this furry cowl I made last year. I wanted to sell it....but's so cute and soft and....i guess I just have to keep it!

It happens with almost everything I make to sell. I like it so much that sometimes it is hard to see it go, or, I decide I have to make one for myself. That is the reason I make these cowl neck warmers, because I really love the design, and wear mine all the time! I have always loved the mystery and cozy glamour of a high neckline. Maybe it began in the 70's when my mom dressed me in turtle necks? Who knew it would turn into such a fashion obsession?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Crocheted Cowl Neckwarmers Restyled

It has been really fun to style some of my neck warmer with clothing on a dress form. Although it doesn't compare to how it will look on an actually person (which is always really fantastic!) it helps show how the cowl will look with other clothes. Take a look at my etsy shop with some new stylings, as well as new cowls I will be post this weekend!

In this pic my chocolate cowl neck warmer paired with my snakeskin print dress. I think I picked up this dress in a vintage shop years ago. I love animal prints!