Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rustic Icelandic Wool Laptop Cozy

I used the last of a large quantity of icelandic wool to felt myself a cozy for my new macbook. I wet felted the cozy, and to create the pocket, I used a resist, then reinforced the edges. This cozy is a great to wrap this "hi-tech" laptop with some "lo-tech" rustic icelandic wool felt, which is super strong and durable. Now my laptop won't get all scratched up in my bag. This cozy will be left plain, but this project has tons of cute rustic design potential for folks who like things a little more interesting :) Or Hobbits straight from Middle Earth.


  1. Nice one Kim! Love it- I want to steal your idea and CROCHET a laptop cozy:) Will there be flower laptop cozies???

  2. I don't know yet. I like the rustic look. Like the laptop case that Frodo Baggins would use.