Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Fun

My mom's dog Bailey found a tangerine in the snow (heeheeheee I put it there.) At first he was interested and had to sniff it, but then was unimpressed and walked away to follow another scent. Bailey is a difficult dog to photograph because he is always moving around, so this is a rare moment to capture!

Today I went to Saftlers, the local yarn and sewing shop and bought some new 100% baby alpaca yarn from Plymouth Yarns, so today I will relax and experiment with some new designs. I would LOVE to crochet an alpaca blanket. Alpaca is so very soft against the skin...I just love the feel of it, and I just want to be surrounded by it's softness! But for now, I will eat my sub sandwich for lunch and go for a walk in the snow :)

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