Sunday, March 13, 2011

Super Long Ruffle Scarf

My mom sent me some yarn she wasn't using, so I decided to look up some patterns to use up the yarn. I found a Lion's Brand Pattern for a ruffle scarf I thought looked cute and easy. I decided to make it bigger and crochet with looser loops.

Well it sure did turn out MUCH larger than I can even wear!
It is not even finished yet, and it took hours to get me this far. I have it just displayed at home, because I do love the textures and sculptural effect of the ruffles. Maybe someday I will wear it, since I am really tall and could if I wrapped it around a few times. But it is super super long! I think I will finish it someday.....


  1. it may be huge...but I LOVE it!! Would you mind sharing the exact pattern? I need to make something for a donation for a fundraiser for my children's school. =)

  2. Crystallee, I just went to Lion Brand website and looked for the pattern, and I cannot find it! There are many great patterns on Lion Brand's website for great ruffled scarves. The way I made the scarf ended up being waaay bigger than the pattern's measurements. I did use Wool Ease worsted weight yarn, if that helps :)