Thursday, July 28, 2011

Projects Not Quite Understood

I have been doing some inventory lately, and going through several bins and bags of projects and supplies. 

Some projects are unfinished.  Or finished, but not quite understood.

Like this piece I felted months ago.

At first it was just meant to be a practice sample.  But now that I see it again, I kind of like it here on the black bookshelf.

If anything, every time I pass by it, it inspires me to felt more, so that is a good thing :)


  1. So lovely to have things around to inspire you!

  2. Are you still selling your items? I noticed that you were off Etsy, so I wasn't sure!

  3. Hi Lisa! I'm currently not selling my items, but still experimenting with different (crochet and life) projects. Not sure yet when I will reopen the shop again, but thank you so much for asking!